What is blackmilk?

Blackmilk is a collaborative platform for the experimentation and the edition of responsible products, furnitures and everyday accessories.

Oscillating between high-tech and low-tech, Blackmilk aims at exploring different technologies and different technics with local craftmanships.

Integrating sustainable development into the design of its editions. Produce without destroying and conceiving an everyday object, from the most elementary to the subtlest, making its use sustainable and its end assimilable by other processes of life.  

The versatile editions are the culmination of this reflection, which takes into account the complexity of this relationship. 

BlackMilk illustrates the complexity of the interactions between man, the objects he conceives, and nature.

blackmilk stands for the coexistence between commercial products and experimental ideas.

什么是 “黑牛奶”?





Why blackmilk?

Born in Beijing on a hazy day of February 2010. Freshly arrived from Switzerland, Raphael maintained his hands-on-style of designing in order to learn more about this fascinating culture. [In this unfriendly environment, I grew a geen attitude. please rephrase?...]

Currently established in  les Vosges, blackmilk is collaborating with local wood crafts, stone carving and glass manufacturering



‘黑牛奶’出生于2010年2月北京雾霾的一个阴天,那时我刚搬到北京。 我才从瑞士风尘仆仆的走来,突然意识到污染是多么的严重.





Who is blackmilk?

With 15 years agency, consultancy and in-house experience honed in the USA, in Europe and currently in China. From new product or system to ackaging renovation or digital innovation for a variety of brands across several industries. Raphael has managed to build a long track record in successfully designing new experiences. 

Raphael holds a BS Industrial Design from the Art Center College of Design, CA, and he offers a unique combination of strategic expertise and production know-how in design. 

In 2015, Shilan has joined blackmilk to find more interesting cross-cultural sparks. Graduated from Institut d'Étude Supérieurs des Arts in Paris, she has done numerous jobs and projects in arts, culture and recently fashion over the past decade.


斐然(Raphael Thivolet)从2012年来到中国后,一直致力于手工制作风格设计,与当地手工艺人们合作实验各种材料。