Beijing Design Week 2014

About blackmilk projects 关于黑色牛奶项目:

Born from an intuitive and emotional affinity with the act of shaping different materials created in a context of cultural exchanges. BlackMilk Projects is an design playground based in Beijing. It stands for the possibility of coexistence between the experimental and the commercial aspects of everyday objects. It also aims to explore local culture and collaboration with local craftmanships. Mixing traditional techniques and new technologies such as 3D printing, BlackMilk is striving to dissolve barriers between genres and foster cross-disciplinary creativity.

Since he arrived in China in 2012, Raphael Thivolet maintains his hands-on-style of designing, experimenting with materials and collaborating with local craftsmanship. Holder of a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from the Art Center College of Design, California, Raphael offers a unique combination of strategic expertise and production know-how in design and brand strategy. With 15 years agency, consultancy and in-house experience honed in the USA, in Europe and currently in China, a demonstrated track record in planning, designing and coordinating projects for a variety of brands across several industries. He has managed to build a long track record in designing new products successfully. Since 2004, Raphael have been collaborating intensively with Nestlé and specializing in food and packaging design as well as branding. I chose BlackMilk as a reference to this mythic F&B multinational for my personnal projects.

In 2014, Sandrine Wang has joined BlackMilk to help BM projects finding more deep hiden interesting sleeping cultures in China. Sandrine is from Kunming, where there has everlasting spring year around. She holds an English literature bachelor and French international tourism and hospitality master degree.

“黑牛奶”诞生于直觉与情绪的亲密联系之中,是一种以创造文化内容交流为形式的,不同材料之 间的包装行为。他以一种设计界游乐场的方式创建于北京, 代表生活日常用品中的各种元素在实验 性和商业性之间共存的可能性。 他也旨在探索当地文化以及与当地手工艺人合作,混合搭配传统手艺和新科技的设计理念,譬如


斐然(Raphael Thivolet)从2012年来到中国后,一直致力于手工制作风格设计,与当地手工艺人 们合作实验各种材料。美国加利福尼亚州艺术设计大学科学工业设计学科学士学位。在食品包装

及品牌发展专业设计的斐然(Raphael)先生就已经和雀巢公司在各方面设计上深度合作。“我选择 “黑色牛奶”作为参考是因为他在食品与饮料方面的跨国际多元性作为我自己的个人项目。 斐然提供了一个独一的战略型专业化和认知-如何设计产品和品牌策略。

2014年,王晓娟 (Sandrine Wang) 加入了“黑牛奶”,帮助“黑牛奶”找寻中国深藏的沉睡中的文化。 她来自昆明,那是一个常年四季如春的城市。她持有英文文学学士学位和法国国际旅游及酒店管理硕士学位。


Meet with BlackMilk latest projects during BJDW 2014 @ Plugin Market in Dashilar Alley.